F-4 Ejection Bar Stool

There is something poetic about a fighter-jet ejection seat living a second life as a barstool. If it were somehow functional, no doubt, taverns throughout the nation would surely fill orders. Alas, it is not, but the F-4 Ejection Barstool is unquestionably one of the most wonderfully weird pieces in the MotoArt collection.  

The F-4 Ejection Barstool has a polished footrest and incorporates a classic single-post design like other barstools but after that it’s a full-on ejection seat from a real-life battle-tested fighter jet. Stressed and scratched, the frame of the stool is marinated in authenticity, but MotoArt has built in comfort and style creating an incomparable brew of contrasting elements.

The base is powder-coated wrinkle black, with an anodized aluminum base-plate that provides ample support and blends, stylistically, with any surrounding. This piece of custom-made airplane furniture is enigmatic, eccentric and altogether unexpected.

The F-4 Ejection Barstool is available as a very limited edition series for there are only a small number of F-4 Ejection seats that exist in the world.


First flight: 1958
Role: Interceptor fighter
Manufacturer: McDonnell Aircraft


Finish Options: