DC-3 Martini Table

There are a number of pieces within the MotoArt catalogue that very much straddle an indiscernible line between modern art and fully functional custom furniture. The DC-3 Martini Table is a clear-cut poster-child for this form/function alchemy that MotoArt does with such brilliance and distinction.

Fabricated with a DC-3 "toothpick" propeller and a C-130 Hercules gear dome base, this piece can be appropriated as a sophisticated cocktail table or situated as a striking installation. In most cases it exists as a combination of both. The propeller and base unit are finished to a museum quality mirror polish that sandwich a petite and elegant 3/4" thick glass top. The artful structure tapers down into a 3/4" thick Plexiglas bottom, giving the DC-3 Martini Table a sturdy modern and engaging presence. The top and bottom 3/8" aluminum mounting plates are grained and anodized. The anodized finish is available in several colors.

The DC-3 Martini Table also features internal lighting, which makes the unit even more arresting. Designers Donavan Fell and Dave Hall have truly created a piece of custom airplane furniture that stands alone – it is high quality modern art and a gorgeous martini table, all in one MotoArt swoop! 


First flight: 1935
Role: Airliner/ transportation aircraft
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company


Finish Options: