Motoart Showrooms

MotoArt HQ

MotoArt’s California Showroom and the parties thrown there are making some history of their own.

Guests walk into the 20,000 sq. ft. studio, they look up and their jaws drop. The ceiling and walls are dripping with vintage airplane parts and banners of USO pin-up girls. Gleaming prototypes and one-offs of MotoArt’s airplane furniture and sculpture further punctuate the hip, retro vibe, which abounds. Colorful gobo lights float though the entire space that seems part aviation museum and part New York dance club.

Slide shows stream to live bands and performance artists in the 1,500 square foot photo cove.  Some guests are ushered directly upstairs, behind the landing gear doors of a C119 to the decadent, VIP lounge.

For more information contact us at:

MotoArt Studios

Showroom & Manufacturing
119 Standard Street
El Segundo, CA
Tel:  310.375.4531

US East Coast Sales & Showroom

8001 Hillsborough Road

Suites G & H

Ellicot City, Maryland 21043

Contact:  Mike Rudden

Tel: 301.806.6029


Australia Sales & Showroom

Aeromil Pacific
No. 3 Street
Contact:  Peter Lang

Tel: +61 7 5457 2012

China Sales & Showroom

Prestige Group Co.
No. 9 Haitian Rd
Dalian, China
Contact:  Bella Liu


Shanghai MotoArt Distributor

China Management Office
TAF Casabella
No.301 Hongmian Road, Shanghai China

Czech Republic and Slovakia Sales and Showroom

DadAir Art Showroom
Dagmar Vitovcova
Na Poříčí 3, Plzeň
Czech republic