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C-45 Fuel Tank Table

The C-45 Fuel Tank Table is cause for a double take.  These all aluminum 1950’s aircraft 78 gallon fuel tanks, from a retired military workhorse, have been transformed from utilitarian containers to a chic minimalist furniture design suitable for any number of spaces.

The tanks, in their natural state are the perfect height of 30” and after the MotoArt team works relentlessly to achieve a mirror polish that is truly impeccable, the table becomes an amazing custom piece that compliments, and in some cases, defines a given environment. With the original spec-plates still attached to give the table a compelling authenticity, these units have been transformed into distinct industrial inspired artworks. When completed with an elegant 1/2” tempered glass top, the simple understated composition stands apart.

Check out the C-45 Fuel Tank Table - refuel and revitalize the energy of any ordinary home or office space and make it extraordinary. With custom-made airplane furniture from the universe of MotoArt, one-of-kind happens every day.

8' to 10' in length.
  • Mirror polish finish
  • 1/2” tempered glass top