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Aviation Art heats up with Sikorsky S-58 Composite Cooling Fan Table
Distinctive line of aviation furniture from Motoart has always managed a smooth landing on Bornrich. Already serving you with stuff like DC-4 Conference Table, Radial Engine Coffee Table, 747 Cowling desk and the B-52 Stratofortress Ejector Seat Office Chair, this time Motoart has dished out a remarkable table to woo all chopper enthusiasts. Resting on a Rolls Royce RB-211 Engine Shaft Spine, this Sikorsky S-58 Composite Cooling Fan sports one of the finest and majestic support. And if you are wondering what’s so special about this S-58 table, then allow me to enlighten you about its iconic history. The S-58 was one of the largest helicopters with a piston engine that was built in the 1950′s and was primarily used for the US Navy for Satellite recovery. Combining these two noteworthy elements, the table stands tall at 30″ and bears a 49″ – 56″ glass top.

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MotoArt creates the stunning 747 Jet Liner Bed
MotoArt, the company that turns vintage aviation parts into stunning fixtures for the home and office, is now back with the 747 Jet Liner Bed. This bed has been made using an authentic 747 engine nacelle cowling as the headboard. They have combined an 84″ diameter round mattress and box spring to ensure a perfect fit. The nacelle headboard finish comes complete with acrylic automotive paint, mirror-polished leading nose ring and green Plexiglas end caps. MotoArt came up with this bed for the reason that round beds, which were quite famous in the ‘60s, are now making a comeback. If you have a serious taste for aeronautics, you must sleep on something that shows it.

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MotoArt unveils limited edition KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk
Whether big or small, exclusively designed home and office fixtures from MotoArt never fail to turn more than a few heads. The latest from the house is the limited edition KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk. The cradles used for the desk served as supports for the jet fuel tanks in the KC-97 Stratotanker, which is based on the famous B-29 Bomber. These tankers kept the planes in the air 24 hours a day during the Cold War decade of the ‘50s. They have customized the cradle into an elegant L-shaped desk. Each cradle desk comes with either the polished aluminum or powder coat finishes. The options include a perforated aluminum privacy screen anodized or powder coated color finishes. The KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk from MotArt is priced at $8,500.

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Aviation Art soars sky-high with Douglas Pedal Table
Big or small, exclusively designed furniture from MotoArt never fails to raise a few eyebrows. After cooling off with the Cooling Fan Table, it is time to pedal in some thrill with the Douglas Pedal Table. Like all its predecessors, this version of aviation art is also crafted out of an exceptional, out-of-service aircraft, the Douglas C-133. Featuring recycled rudder pedals, it stands tall at 22.5 inches. Offered in custom colors to suit your interiors, it is finished with a 28-inch tempered glass top. So if you intend to jazz up your study or simply aim to house an extraordinary limited edition object then pedal in fast to grab one of the 15 pedal tables. This one too may not boast of a smooth price tag.

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C-119 Aileron Conference Table for soaring tycoons
After installing the Ejector Seat Chair in your office, are you hunting for a conference table that will add the same wow- factor to your boardroom? Want your presentations to fly off swiftly? Then you must settle for this C-119 Aileron Conference Table that is actually crafted from Ailerons, the trailing-edge control surface nearest the wing tip. Although it is used to control the aircraft in roll, I’m sure it will also enhance stability of your business dealings too. It is put up by using two tapered decommissioned skeleton C-119 wing ailerons that are de-clothed and powder coated with brilliant color to accent. Since it tapers outwards, you get enough leg clearance. The ½” tempered glass top can be cut in either a rectangular shape, or follow the outline with a custom cut taper. If you want it to be a bit more well-dressed then you can order it with a decorative under paneling.

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C-130 Navigators Chair for aviation fanatics
Motoart is a renowned name in the furniture world for molding vintage aviation parts into fixtures for the home and office. The B-52 Stratofortress ejector seat office chair is one of its beautiful creations that the manufacturer introduced last year. Now, presenting the perfect New Year gift, the same house comes up with the limited-edition “C-130 Navigators Chair” for all aviation buffs out there. Unlike the previous office chair, the C-130 Navigators Chair incorporates a little ergonomic feature allowing you to incline up and down for more comfort while sitting on it. The red racing upholstery, low-profile casters and anodized aluminum base plates contribute to the light weight of the chair so that you can carry it anywhere in your home and experience close-to-life simulation of the ejector seat. However, pricing remains undisclosed, but the aviation art is certainly worth every penny.

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MotoArt unveils new Wingman Reception Desk
MotoArt‘s aviation furniture range adds another new piece to its line with the Wingman Reception Desk. The desk is fabricated from three DC-9 stabilizers and tastefully assembled with glass, hardwood and perforated aluminum. All aluminum components are sanded and mirror polished, and all wood surfaces are stained and clear coated. The front fascia surface is perforated aluminum framed with hardwood. The reception surface is protected with black glass and the reception surface features obscured sub-surface diamond etching. You can even get it customized to suit your requirements.

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