DC-9 Airplane Desk

The Executive Approach to a Solid Landing

The DC-9 T Stabilizer Desk projects a bold, transformational statement with a dynamic style that fuses seamlessly with modern as well as traditional, executive workspaces.   It’s rapidly becoming one the most sought-after executive furniture designs in the MotoArt collection. It vividly interprets the art of work within a functional work of art in boardrooms and estates around the globe.

This piece of aviation history comes from what’s widely revered as the most durable, military aircrafts ever in production. Initial take-off was on April 1963.  Today, many DC-9s are still in operation. Douglas Aircraft designed and built the DC-9 from the ground up, using newly designed parts from previously utilized  aircraft. Its first flight took place February 25, 1965.  From that historically pivotal point on, 2400 of these airplanes were built until 1982. The U.S. Air Force uses DC-9s to this day.  Now they’re known as VC-9Cs and are used to transport VIP’s all around the world such as cabinet members and foreign dignitaries.

The DC-9 T Stabilizer Wing Desk is available in lengths from our standard 8 feet up to 20 feet for conference rooms, reception areas, etc.  Glide up to it in one of our pilot seats and discover a truly impressive combination.

  • MotoArt’s crew puts in over 120 hours of labor to acid wash, grind, sand and patch each wing.  The wing desk is then polished and buffed for another 12 hours to mirror finish.
  • Half-inch aluminum plate legs with gusseted design are methodically welded together to enforce a strong and aesthetically striking base. Holes are machined out to decrease weight.   The legs are powder coated in black chrome and then further defined with polished aluminum faceplates.
  • End caps are detailed with ½” green glass Plexiglas to allow viewing into the interior workings of the structure.
  • Rich, finely sanded ¾” hardwood is stained in a black and creates a warm contact point when pulling up to the pilot position of your desk.
  • Optional ½” tempered glass top is placed on beautifully finished, machined and mirror polished stands. It’s a pristine way to accent the sleek design and protect the surface of the wink desk.


First flight: 1965
Role: Narrow-body jet airliner
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft


• Mirror Polished

• Powder coated
• Clear-coated
• Black Chrome