DC-4 Conference Table

DC-4 Conference Table

This fine piece of executive furniture will break the ice at any conference. The sleek lines of this 14’ long table are contrasted between the mirror polished leading edges and a stunning powder coating treatment in your choice of color. Accented with red LED lighting, the underside paneling is finished with turned aluminum. Dual aluminum I Beams are fused together, powder coated, and completed with polished aluminum end caps.

The DC-4, whose inaugural flight was on June 7 1938 and was built as a compliment to the very successful DC-3. Fulfilling United Airlines’ request for a long range passenger plane, the DC-4, due to the onset of WWII, was shifted to combat service and was renamed the C-54. One of the C-54’s most notable missions was the Berlin Airlift where it operated along-side the C-47 to lift 5,000 tons of supplies into war-torn Berlin.

The DC-4’s four wing engine design was remarkable because the plane could flt with two of the four engines out, even both on one side, and could maintain an altitude of over 5,000 feet with three engines down. High enough to clear any mountain in the United States.

High Flying Production & Features

  • MotoArt Technicians combine for 120 man hours to produce the DC-4 conference table
  • The wing is cut grinded, disassembled, sanded and buffed to create a beautiful mirrored surface along one edge of the table
  • Struts are powder coated and buffed and the wing is reassembled.