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Aviation Decor: Elevating Your Home or Office Style

aviation art furniture
November 19, 2019

Airplane Furniture


Aviation takes us away to different places. It gives us a sense of wonder about places we want to go, evokes nostalgia about places we’ve been. It can express the awe of flight and the magnificence of planes themselves. 

It’s natural then to surround ourselves with things that remind us of travel and flying, and also to want to share these things with others who visit and do business with us. From small touches of aviation decor, to luxurious pieces of well-crafted furniture, make your space your own. Here are some striking pieces that will bring beauty and boldness of aircraft furniture to your surroundings.

Airline Galley Cart Bar


This rolling bar cart will look great - and be extremely useful - wherever you may have it. It can be custom made with drawers, racks for bottles and cans, and a wooden cutting board. Without a doubt, your personal drink service will be as welcomed as the galley cart on a plane. 

Piston Desk Watch

A desk clock made from a 1940's era Jacobs radial engine piston is a simple but elegant piece that will make telling time a pleasure.

747 Cowling Reception Desk


Make a powerful first impression with a 747 reception desk. These are completely customizable to fit your space and needs. Greet your clients in an unforgettable way.

Aileron Credenza

This C119 credenza is stunning whether you use it as a table, desk or a secondary work surface in your executive office or meeting room. You simply won’t be able to look away.

Stratotanker Sink


Add an arresting vessel sink made from a KC-97 landing gear door. Add your own fixtures or let us make you something truly one-of-a-kind. In either case, this is an impressive example of functional art. 

737 Cowling Mirror

This cowling wall mirror is truly a lovely piece to behold. Lit by LEDs and polished to mirror-finish itself, it will be hard to decide whether to look into it or at it. Why not both?

B-52 Stratofortress Mirror

This decorative wall mirror made from upcycled B-52 airplane parts is backlit with your choice of color. The exquisite design will really light up any room or meeting space it’s placed in.

Airplane Window Mirror

Check out this colorful fuselage mirror made from an Aloha Airlines Funbird Boeing 737-200, also available from other airlines and planes.

Bamboo Biplane Conference Table

MotoArt offers several gorgeous aviation-inspired conference tables including this high-end conference room table, which is an original design, inspired by internal spars of a biplane. The intricate woodwork beneath the glass top is luxurious.

What Is Functional Art

Functional art is an object that expresses creativity and beauty and also serves a practical purpose.

Our designers and craftsmen create practical yet creative and artistic furniture for the home and office. What is looked at by some as old aircraft parts becomes an item of wonder and symmetry, to be used in an imaginative way.  Each piece of furniture and art is hand-crafted at MotoArt Studios in Torrance, California. Letting your love of aviation inspire your decor, whether it is a single piece or many, will bring out creativity and a sense of joy in surrounding yourself with what makes you happy. 

Looking for custom aviation furniture? Start here.

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