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Airline Galley Bar

On a long flight, there’s nothing more inviting than the sight of the shiny silver galley bar moving down the aisle, powered by an attractive flight-attendant, atop those big shopping-cart wheels. It’s a rolling oasis that says, “Everything’s going to be okay. What you want is in this box” The unit looks relatively small but it always has what you need – sweet relief.

It’s a great feeling and MotoArt has provided the power to recreate it with the Airline Galley Bar (sans flight attendant). It’s the perfect addition to any fun or retro theme room and while it may seem like just a bit of a novelty compliment to the motif of a playroom, it actually is extremely useful and practical for parties and get-togethers.

Each Airline Galley Bar is available with optional decorative aluminum plating, custom made drawers (including ice bucket), wine & can rack, wood cutting board, cash drawer and of course, locking brakes.


Finish Options: