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C-130 Outer Flap Airplane Desk

The epitome of strength and prowess, C-130 Outer Flap Desks and the C-130 Outer Flap Conference Tables transform any executive office space into an aesthetically bold command center. MotoArt designed this one for heavy hitters; you don’t just sit behind these pieces, you lead from them. 


Like everything in the MotoArt line, hundreds of man-hours went into the forming of this handsome example of superlative custom-made office furniture. The flaps, formally soaring through the skies as part of a C-130 from the 1950s, are ground, buffed and polished to produce a beautiful high gloss finish. The C-130 flap is set on 4” black-hammer powder-coated aluminum architectural “I” beams with holes machined out to decrease weight and enhance structural integrity. To complete the composition, a ½” sheet of glass provides an elegant transparent surface to allow viewing into the rugged interior features of the desk/table.


The original C-130 flaps are recovered from points all over the world and carefully transported to the MotoArt studio. Here they are expertly crafted and retooled into either an amazing executive desk or a stately, large-scale conference table.


Available in sizes from 4 to 24-feet, either incarnation will be an exhilarating addition to your busy day and a design compliment to any contemporary office environment.


First flight: 1954
Role: Military transport aircraft
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin


• Mirror Polished

• Powder coated
• Clear-coated