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B-52 Burner Can Table

B-52 Burner Can Table: MotoArt Ignites Aviation Design

MotoArt celebrates its nearly 20 year love affair with the B-52 by introducing a brand new design. Meet our newest piece in our B-52 collection - the B-52 Burner Can Table. Our table is a force to be reckoned with. It features an original B-52 stator under glass, atop four authentic B-52 burner cans. With the illumination provided by internal LED lighting, this table is a showstopper.  

An Acceleration of Style

Many hours of craftsmanship have been put into designing and delivering a stunning new piece that honors the mighty Stratofortress, and the beauty of the machinery that powered it. The design is simple, allowing the function of the parts to stand at the center of the spotlight. Each component remains true to the original aircraft design, polished until they are a work of beauty. 

Eight Engines of Massive Power

Powered by eight Pratt & Whitney turbofan jet engines since the beginning, the Stratofortress is expected to undergo a major re-engining in the near future. Still, the B-52 remains an instrument of national security, and due to military and Homeland Security regulations, these aircraft parts are not available. Once they are gone, this design will be retired. 


First flight: 1952
Role: Strategic bomber
Manufacturer: Boeing


• Red LED internal illumination