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B-25 Bomber Desks

This limited edition desk is sleek in design and rich in aviation history. The aluminum frame, once covered in cloth, is exposed to reveal design details of the elevators and rudders used to form this fine piece of executive furniture. It is a robust and hardy looking piece of airplane furniture and exudes the same air of stability and confidence in an office setting as it did flying historic missions during World War II.


The desk surface is ½” tempered glass with wooden legs that can be stained or clear-coated as preferred. Leave the surface clear powder-coated as pictured or choose from a variety of powder-coatings in an array of striking colors to match the décor of any space.


Countless man-hours have gone into the creation of each B-25 Bomber Desk with MotoArt’s technicians ceaselessly grinding, cutting, sanding and polishing. The wing itself is buffed for more than 12-hours to bring about the stunning finish of what in the end is literally a gorgeous piece of art that doubles as one of the coolest desks you’ll ever find.

  • 120 man hours go into each piece with MotoArt’s technician grinding, cutting, sanding and polishing. The wing is then buffed for 12 hours to bring about the stunning finish of your piece of art.
  • Half inch wooden legs are sturdily attached to the desk and are stained or lacquered.


First flight: 1940
Role: Medium bomber
Manufacturer: North American Aviation


• Mirror Polished

• Powder coated
• Clear-coated