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737 Cowling Mirror

Ordinarily to stand inches away and stare directly into the cowling of a Boeing 737 would be a very loud, uncomfortable and maybe death-defying experience, but gazing into Motoart’s 737 Engine Cowling Mirror is the complete opposite.

Formed from an actual cowling that flew high above the clouds and into the stratosphere is now a bold and decorative design piece that will engage and transfix. In fact, it might be the only mirror that begs you to look at it before yourself!

At a formidable 77” x 69” the 737 Engine Cowling Mirror makes a statement. The exterior is polished to a shine nearly as perfect and reflective as the mirror it houses. Complimented with a tasteful perforated aluminum border and LED illumination, this handcrafted wall-mounted mirror is beyond unique; it’s literally a one-of-a-kind custom mirror that exists nowhere else on the planet.

Mirrors don’t have to be inconspicuous pieces of glass in a picture frame or boring rectangles stuck on a door. Mount the new 737 Engine Cowling Mirror on the wall and see who’s the baddest of them all!


Founded: 1966
Predecessor: 727

77” x 69”

• Aluminum border

• LED illumination