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PBY Catalina Table

With many of MotoArt’s creations it’s easy to forget that these exquisite pieces of contemporary furniture were at one time soaring through the clouds and in some instances, performing historic military missions. The Catalina Table is one such example. To see it in an office environment it is a modern lustrous example of handcrafted custom furniture. It’s on the second look that one might realize it is an airframe from a classic WWII aircraft.


Cut from the PBY Catalina known as the American Flying Boat manufactured during the 1930's and 1940's, the Catalina Table is the result of MotoArt beautifully transforming the elevator airframes into an elegant 10' table that can be either a conference table or an executive desk. The dramatic mirror-polished leading edge blends with any decor and the powder-coated coloring of the ribs makes the table all the more dynamic. Topped with custom 1/2" tempered glass, strong angled legs, turned aluminum under-paneling and optional data ports, the Catalina Table will bring any room to life.


Founded: 1935
Defunct: 1945
Industry: aerospace


• Mirror Polished leading edge
• Powder coated

• Powder coated