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Fuselage Doors

When it comes to first impressions, probably nothing packs more punch than an exquisitely interesting door. It, of course, commands the visual senses, but it is also tactile. It’s one of the few design elements that a visitor actually interacts with. The MotoArt team kept all of that in mind when they created their new Fuselage Doors, born from the actual fuselage of a Boeing aircraft.
The impeccably mirror (or satin) polished doors slide along a track system that is beautifully quiet and smooth. Two fingers and a feather-light touch is all it takes to open or close the stunning custom made doors. Inside the fuselage shell are the unmistakable airplane windows that have been removed, refinished and brought back to a spotless and pristine state. The door handle is signature MotoArt – a repurposed vintage radio antennae that is both clever and fun. The backside of the doors are painted a Mercedes silver that works as an understated but purposeful compliment to the rest of the piece.
The doors can be custom cut to sizes of 25’ or more with a choice of plexiglass or aluminum end caps. The Fuselage Doors are yet another piece of Airplane Furniture that is bold, elegant and simply unlike anything being created anywhere else except in the universe of MotoArt.


Founded: 1966
Predecessor: 727

Doors can be custom cut to sizes up to 25’ or more
  • Mirror or satin polished
  • Choice of plexiglass or aluminum end caps