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KC-97 Fuel Cradle Conference Table

Perhaps the most unusual conference table in the MotoArt gallery is the KC-97 Fuel Cradle Conference Table. Based on the B-29, the KC-97 was the U.S. military’s first long range, round the world fuel tanker, but when transformed into a cleanly designed piece of custom furniture, it will fuel the energy of any conference room.

 The Fuel Cradle Conference Table is elegant in its simplicity. A ½” sheet of tempered glass covers the unfamiliar but interesting mechanism forming a work that is truly compelling but also stylish. This unconventional creation uses transparency as a design element and pushes the envelope in motifs of sustainable furniture, of which MotoArt is a pioneer.
 Available in the authentic look (as shown) or powder-coated to any color, the KC-97 Fuel Cradle Conference Table is adaptable to surrounding color schemes but ultimately will control the ambience once staged. Beyond its distinct appearance the table is still well appointed for its role within the office environment. Optional custom fabricated data ports are available. They are clean and sleek - using an aluminum tube surrounded by matching plates that sandwich the glass top providing both utility and style.




Taking to the skies in 1950, the Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker served the United States as a strategic tanker aircraft. Large aircrafts require large drinks of fuel and the KC-97 Stratotanker was the in-flight bartender.

If the KC-97 looks familiar, it may be due to the fact that it was a variant of the C-97 Stratofreighter but redesigned as an aerial refueling tanker. Boeing overhauled the C-97 and transformed it into the KC-97 by adding the necessary fuel storage tanks, plumbing, boom arm required to make it a strategic tanker. Split into two decks, the KC-97's upper deck was designed to carry oversized cargo while the lower deck contained tanks which held the transferrable jet fuel.


• Authentic (Original Finish and Wear)
• Powder Coated