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AA MD-80 Mad Dog WingBar

New for 2022 by MotoArt

MotoArt is proud to introduce our newest piece - the Mad Dog WingBar. Created from genuine American Airlines MD-80 parts, this bar offers an incredible history and legacy wrapped up in incomparable style. From the tips of the unmistakable T-Tail horizontal stabilizers to every last detail - our newest bar will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

Custom Made

Each Mad Dog WingBar is custom made. Our team will take your own vision and create a one-of-a-kind piece that will become the pride of place in your home or business. Choose the finish, the materials, and the features to create the bar of your dreams.

American Airlines retired the last of its McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fleet in 2019. The MD-80, also called the Super 80, served as the trusted workhorse for AA beginning in 1983 and continuing on for nearly four decades. We are thrilled to create a lasting tribute to the iconic Super 80 with our newest design.


Mad Dog Wingbar by MotoArt

Since 2001 MotoArt has envisioned and produced some of the most iconic aviation art and furniture. The Mad Dog WingBar is an exceptional example of the pride and workmanship that goes into every piece we create - and the hard work and dedication that went into building the aircraft itself.



Length: 147.8 ft (45.06 m)
Height: 29.7 ft (9.05 m)
Wing Span: 107.8 f (32.87 m)
Propulsion: 2 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-209 turbofan engines, 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg) thrust each
Cruise speed: 546 mph (879 km/hr)
Range (approx) 1600 st. mi (2,575 km) or 2,000 st. mi (3,219 km)
Passenger capacity:  137 - 172
Crew:   2 plus cabin attendants


Each Mad Dog WingBar is Custom Made

Choose the finish, the materials, and the features to create the bar of your dreams.

Optional Finishes

1/2” glass
Mirror polished
Flat-black composite countertop
Colored LED lighting


Optional lengths available

Optional Features

Refrigeration Unit
Electric outlets
Ample storage with cabinets
Wash Sink