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B-52 Stator Table

B 52 Table: A New Spin on A MotoArt Classic

MotoArt first began offering the classic B-52 Spinner Table in 2002. They were created from original Pratt & Whitney J-57 jet engine nose assembly gear box covers, upcycled from genuine B-52 engines. We originally acquired 100 engine spinners from the Tucson, AZ boneyard and are now down to 25 pieces which we have held dear for many years. The B-52 remains an instrument of national security, and due to military and Homeland Security regulations, aircraft parts are not available. Once the remaining 25 spinners are gone, this design will be retired. 

Boeing B-52 Stator Table

New for 2020 and just in time for the 20th anniversary of MotoArt we are offering an updated B-52 Stator Table. Our new table offers the same form and function of our classic Spinner Table, but now showcases a stator under the glass. The stator adds beauty and visual interest, further accentuating the smooth, aerodynamic flow of the spinner. 

An actual engine spinner from a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bomber is used as the base. Three ⅜” aluminum supports are firmly attached to the spinner, using bolts from the inside to keep the clean, smooth lines of the original design. The stator and glass are attached to the supports with a look that draws from aircraft structure designs.


  • Lighting: LED lights are added inside the spinner to provide a gentle illumination 
  • Mirror polish: Dozens of hours have been spent to give the spinner itself and the ⅜’’ aluminum supports a smooth, flawless finish with the clarity of looking through a mirror. 
  • Tempered glass: The glass is ⅜” thick and available in diameters up to 40”. 
  • Strong and sturdy: Just like the B-52 itself, the table is strong and sturdy. It has a wide base to prevent tipping. The three aluminum supports are securely fastened to the spinner from the inside, for a clean, streamlined look. Strong enough to support the glass and hold your favorite drinks.


B 52 Furniture

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Aviation Furniture

MotoArt has been recognized for turning old aircraft parts into functional art and beautiful aviation furnishings since 2001. From the beginning, our mission was to preserve airplanes that we saw being destroyed and scrapped, and to create beautiful pieces that would allow these planes to live on in some way. We created hand-crafted pieces with exquisite touches drawn from aircraft design that have become timeless classics. 

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First flight: 1952
Role: Strategic bomber
Manufacturer: Boeing


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