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DC-4 Conference Table

From the rugged wing of the Douglas DC-4 that flew in the 1930s and 40s, comes the Douglas DC-4 Conference Table that is sleek, unique and altogether commanding.  Like the DC-4 itself, this piece of custom furniture is built for business. The MotoArt crew devoted over 120-man hours to create a custom conference table that will stop clients and visitors in their tracks. The table is 14’ long with spectacular mirror-polished leading edges and a stunning powder coating treatment available in an array of color choices. Accented with red LED lighting, the underside paneling is finished with turned aluminum. Dual aluminum I-beams are fused together, powder-coated, and completed with polished aluminum end caps forming a conference table that could only come from the world of MotoArt.

 The DC-4 Conference Table is a formidable piece of airplane furniture that will not only break the ice and get conversation flowing, it will establish an atmosphere of boldness and confidence at every meeting. Also available in DC-3 and DC-6 airframes.



  • MotoArt Technicians combine for 120 man hours to produce the DC-4 conference table
  • The wing is cut grinded, disassembled, sanded and buffed to create a beautiful mirrored surface along one edge of the table
  • Struts are powder coated and buffed and the wing is reassembled.


First flight: 1942
Role: Airliner/ transportation aircraft
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company


• Mirror Polished
• Urethane Paint