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MK-84 Blockbuster Bomb Table

Duck and Cover! MotoArt is dropping bombs of style in the form of the Blockbuster Bomb Table – a super funky and playful cocktail table created from a deactivated MK-84 tail fin assembly.

Each “bomb” is internally illuminated and fitted with a sleek sheet of tempered glass, 40" diameter and 3/8" thick. This table has a very specific energy and charm. It has been featured in such national publications as Razor, Décor & Style and the automotive magazine M & M.

A 1/2" stainless steel bolt secures the glass to the bomb base and available finishes include the original rusted look or a variety of candy-coated colors.

Once the Blockbuster Bomb Table drops, the room will explode with fun, fashion and flair. The good news is, there will be no casualties - only goodness comes from these kind of bombs…


Type: Low-drag general pupose bomb
Nickname: The Hammer
Place of origin: United States


Finish Options: