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Beech 18 Desk

This intimate little desk is created from the iconic Beech 18 tail assembly.  Accented with 1/2” glass and sexy modern legs custom made from solid clear coated 1/2” aluminum.  The Beech 18 Desk is sized to fit in any home or office at 65” long by 30” at the widest point.  Each comes complete with a 2-1/2” desk grommet.  Available in mirror polished or satin finish.


Founded: 1937
Defunct: 1970
Industry: aerospace
Headquarters: Wichita, KS

65” long by 30” at the widest point
  • 1/2” Glass
  • Solid clear coated 1/2” aluminum legs
  • 2-1/2” desk grommet
  • Mirror Polished or Satin Finish.