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Twin Beech Wing Flap Desk

You asked, we delivered - a small footprint desk, with a big visual impact, that works in any sized space.  The lines and angles of the Twin Beech Wing Flap Desk are sleek and contemporary, but the desk itself exudes strength and fortitude, like airplane furniture tends to do.


Using a skeletal wing flap from a vintage Beechcraft Model 18 wing, this handcrafted desk is the product of endless man-hours sanding, grinding and polishing until yet another stunning MotoArt creation emerged. The exposed rivets, mirror-polish finish, 1/2" tempered glass top and intriguing form of the interior struts create a bold and vivid element for the home or office.


The inner struts are offered in a variety of shades and the angled sturdy legs with extra wide feet give the Twin Beech Wing Flap Desk an added look of strength and stability.


The desk is available in sizes from 4' to 9'.


Founded: 1937
Defunct: 1970
Industry: aerospace
Headquarters: Wichita, KS


• Mirror Polished
• Powder coated

• Powder coated