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Stearman Shorty Desk

Fly through your day with the extremely cool New Stearman Shorty. Derived, designed and refined from our traditional Stearman conference tables, this amazingly unique custom desk has been reduced in size to fit residential applications. At 7' - 8' in length with 42" width, this wonderful little wing desk will add warmth and character to any room.


Like it’s conference table sized big brother, the Shorty is a shining example of Donovan Fell and Dave Hall’s distinct design sense. From the intricate woodwork of the delicate inner spars to the contrasting metal leading edge that is polished to a mirror finish, this table is a work of art. Supported by stylish legs that can be painted to suit any décor, and completed with a sleek 1/2" tempered glass top, the Stearman Shorty is a mini-masterpiece.


Founded: 1934
Industry: aerospace
Headquarters: wichita, KS


• Mirror Polished leading edge

• Custom stains available

• Two-tone Paint
• Polyurethane