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747 Cowling Reception Desk

The B-747 Cowling Reception Desk makes a dynamic first impression.

These rare cowling desks are a very limited edition with only 2-3 of these Jumbo Jets coming off of the production line every year. Salvaged from the 747 Jumbo Jet, this circular desk is 105” in diameter. The interior workspace is fitted with a hardwood surface and a 3/8” black glass work surface. Combined with one of our aircraft seats, your aviation themed office comes to life.

One of the largest and widely recognizable aircraft in the world, the Jumbo B747 was requested by the military to replace the C-141 Starlifter cargo plane. At the same time, Juan Trippe, president of Pan Am airlines was pushing Boeing for a larger passenger aircraft, so Boeing provided both. The first 747 took flight February 9, 1969. Continental Airlines and TWA soon followed suit. The 747 was the first passenger aircraft with two floors of seating and amenities.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get bigger, Boeing modified the 747 to a B747 Dreamlifter, designed to carry parts for Boeing’s B787 model, making it the largest cargo airplane in history.

747-Half Cowling Desk

This cowling provides full visual impact with a much smaller footprint.  The desk comes with a 7’+ wide double tier desk top constructed of stained bamboo hardwood ply, with grommet holes for telecommunication access and a 1/4” glass top. The end caps of the cowling can be customized with either a clear Plexiglas or stained hardwood.  Utilize almost the same working area at nearly half the price as the larger 747 Cowling Desk..

  • 120 man-hours of cutting, grinding, polishing and buffing produce the mirrored finish displayed.
  • Hardwood end caps are cut to fit and are stained to a warm dark wood finish.


First flight: 1969
Role: Wide-body, long-range jet airliner
Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Finish Options:

Aluminum Finishes:

  • Mirror Polished