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Albatross Elevator Desk

Elevate the design and character of your office space with MotoArt’s newly designed, very limited, Albatross Elevator Desk. Crafted from the rear elevator of the historic Albatross (also known as the flying boat) this desk is a stunning creation.

MotoArt’s impeccable attention to detail and world famous design sense is completely evident in this custom-made office desk. With brilliant powder-coating that beautifully accentuates the architectural detail of the vintage skeletal frame, this piece radiates energy and personality. A half-inch tempered glass top, contoured to the shape of the airframe, emphasizes the desk’s elegant lines . Completing the look is a polished leading edge/trim tab, and turned aluminum under-paneling, that add both contrast and sophistication.

Supporting the desktop and contributing to the design flow are fabricated aluminum legs (with cutouts) and polished caps.

This unit can be custom built from 6- to 13-feet, but whatever length is chosen, trust it will be striking and more than compliment any home or office space. The Albatross Elevator Desk is yet another shining example of Airplane Furniture, a design breed that MotoArt has pioneered and forged for the last 20-years.


Founded: 1949
Defunct: 1961
Industry: aerospace
Predecessor: Grumman Mallard

Custom built from 6- to13-feet

• Powder-coating
• Fabricated aluminum legs
• Half-inch tempered glass top