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C-130 Inner Flap Conference Table

Change the course of your office dynamic with a custom piece of airplane furniture derived from the flap of the historic C-130 transport aircraft. The MotoArt team has cut, ground, buffed and polished this flap for hundreds of man-hours to create a beautiful high-gloss finish that exudes an executive brand of style and strength.

 The rugged, yet tastefully finished flap rests upon 4” powder-coated black anodized aluminum architectural I-beams that are stamped with structurally reinforcing and aesthetically pleasing lightness holes. It’s topped with a ½” sheet of tempered glass to allow easy viewing of the compelling rivet-filled component that once helped generate lift for one of the U.S. military’s most import service planes.
 C-130 Inner Flap Table/Desk is one of MotoArt’s more versatile pieces of custom furniture. It can be created as a 4’ wide personal desk or a 20’ long conference table that seats 20 - or anything in between. In any formation, its unexpected design-form will provide personality to the workspace.
 The flap is harvested from points all around the world and customized in the MotoArt studio.
The C-130 Inner Flap Table/Desk is perfect for the well-appointed executive office space and will no doubt turn heads and impress clients.


  • The flap is cut, ground, buffed and polished for over 120 man hours to create the beautiful high gloss finish
  • The C-130 flap rests on 4” black anodized aluminum architectural I beams, which are stamped with “lightness holes” which also create structural integrity, and is topped with a ½” sheet of Plexiglass to allow a view of the rugged detail of the surface of the piece.


First flight: 1954
Role: Military transport aircraft
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin


• Mirror Polished

• Powder coated
• Clear-coated