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C-124 Cargo Wall Shelf

Go big and bold with MotoArt’s amazing new C-124 Cargo Wall Shelf. Created from the cargo floor panels of the classic Douglas C-124 Globemaster cargo plane of the 50s and 60s, this hand-made, pure-bred example of high-end airplane furniture is both functional and great looking.

The exposed rivets and industrial look complimented by 1/2” tempered glass shelves and powder-coated aluminum stand-offs give this piece just the right amount of contrast creating an industrial elegance, if you will. Parts from this aircraft are extremely rare, so this custom shelf is unlike anything that exists anywhere.

Sized at 88.5’ x 70” or 100” x 70” the C-124 Cargo Wall Shelf is a full-scale piece that will bring any room to life. It can also be built in custom sizes to accommodate the restrictions or demands of a given space. And to provide an added pop, the shelf has an option of added P-80 Shooting Star lighting with polished trim  - each sanded to highlight the natural composite material.

 This custom made shelf is a show stopper, a jaw dropper and an eye-popper. Only MotoArt creates works with this amount of creativity and relentless attention to detail.  


Founded: 1949
Defuntc: 1974
Predecessor: C-74

88.5’ x 70” or 100” x 70”
  • 1/2” tempered glass
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • Option of added P-80 Shooting Star lighting with polished trim