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Beechcraft Bullet Table

After decades soaring through the skies on the wing of an actual C-45 / Beechcraft airplane, this heavy-duty propeller housing has officially landed… permanently. Today it starts a new life as the Glass Prop Table – MotoArt’s latest incredible creation. At the crossroads of form and function, this stylish table is what airplane furniture is all about – eccentric, unusual, and flat out cool. Polished to a mirror finish with colored lights casting illumination from inside the cowling, the transformed historic airplane appendage is vibrant and daring – style at a dangerously high altitude.

The Glass Prop Table seats four and is perfect for informal business meetings in the office – that said, this table is versatile. Because of its size, form, and construction, the Glass Prop Table is a compelling choice for both home or office spaces, and can work in a variety of environments.

The design is thoughtful and clean. A refined 1/2” sheet of tempered glass perfectly offsets the industrial base and creates an exemplary balance of contrasting elements. The support brackets for the topside are custom made to facilitate a seamless and organic connection between the cowling and the glass. With the addition of subtle internal colored LED lighting, this table is simply striking.

  • Polished to a mirror finish
  • Colored lighting illuminating
  • Refined 1/2” sheet of tempered glass
  • Addition of subtle internal colored LED lighting