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Twin Beech 18 Coffee Table

Twin Beech 18 Aircraft Coffee Table

The newest design from MotoArt will serve as the focal point of your office or entertainment space - while serving your guests their coffee or other beverages as they gather around this incredible piece of furniture. Our new Twin Beech Coffee Table expands on our earlier Beech 18 Coffee Table, boasting first-class touches that make it stand out from all the rest.

Handcrafted Airplane Furniture

Under the ½" clear tempered glass is an original Twin Beech vertical . It has been mirror polished, while still retaining the original paint in sections, for an eye-catching visual treat. The satin finished aluminum legs deliver this piece to the finish line and beyond.

Aviator Furniture from MotoArt

Each piece from MotoArt is both stylish and functional, drawing together the science and beauty of aerodynamics and aviation, along with dozens of hours spent crafting and polishing until it is a work of art. Everything we build is custom-made and can be tailored for your setting and desire.




Founded: 1937
Defunct: 1970
Industry: aerospace
Headquarters: Wichita, KS


1/2” glass

Clear coated
aluminum satin legs

Mirror polished
vertical stabilizer
with an authentic
green rudder