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B-727 Cowling Airplane Valet Desk

For the truly space conscious work area or living room, the 727 valet desk cowling will fit anywhere and is perfect for the employee who only sits occasionally. This 727 cowling nacelle once covered the 727’s Pratt and Whitney JT8D engines which offered 14,000 pounds of thrust. This piece comes with optional 14” coasters which raised the desktop to a standing position.

The first B-727 was successfully tested on February 9, 1963 and its maiden commercial voyage came February 9, 1963 for United Airlines. The triple engine design made the smaller aircraft better suited for smaller landing strips and airline routes with smaller passenger demand. The 727 could also fly overseas and into higher altitude cities than the B-707, making it a huge success immediately. Since the B-727 was made for smaller airports, the plane needed to be serviceable quickly from the ground so an “airstair” was designed opening to the ground allowing access to the cabin. It is believed the famous D. B. Cooper jumped from a 727 from the airstair while in flight. Boeing modified the 727 with a Cooper Vane that prohibited the stair from being lowered in flight.

The favorite plane of Fedex and DHL since the 70’s, the 727’s are being phased out for the B-757 because they violate many current noise limitations.

  • 90 man hours of cutting, grinding, sanding and buffing create the outstanding mirror finish
  • A black stained hardwood desktop is topped with ¼” glass
  • End caps are also stained to match


First flight: 1963
Role: Narrow-body jet airliner
Manufacturer: Boeing


Finish Options: