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Business Class Chairs


Best Seat On The Plane

No one rides coach at MotoArt! Business class is a great way to fly, and MotoArt has provided the means to have that comfort any time of day or night with their new Business Class Chairs. Enjoy that sweet super comfy chestnut color leather coziness at the home or office in a chair that’s designed for extended periods of rest and relaxation.

The Business Class Chairs are 51" wide, 32" deep and 46" high. They are equipped with manual controls to recline, stretch out and take a load off. Each chair's set of legs have been separated for balance, and fitted with attractive satin-finished custom feet.

Currently, MotoArt is offering amazing deals on the chairs while the limited supply lasts.

What is an airline seat made of?

Modern airline seats on an airliner are designed to accommodate passengers' comfort and safety for the duration of their journey. They are attached to a rail under the fuselage floor and are easily configured if necessary. They have a reclining mechanism and most often the seat in front will feature a fold-out tray for eating and reading and a pocket that contains in-flight magazines and safety information. Typically, business class seating is the roomiest, reclines more, has more legroom among other features. They are lightweight yet strong, typically made with an aluminum frame surrounded by polyurethane foam, encased by fire-resistant material and fabric or leather.




51" wide, 32" deep and 46" high
  • chestnut color leather
  • satin-finished custom feet