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Aviators Sports Bar and Bar-B-Que

We’re proud that Aviators Sports Bar and Bar-B-Que located in the Denver International Airport is one of our clients. Of course there’s no better place for airplane furniture than an airport, but more than that, they did an amazing job integrating our pieces into their layout.
The KC-97 Cowling Reception Desk, as you walk in, is absolutely perfect for the space. It’s bold mirror-polished exterior with exposed rivets and seams establish the environment exactly as we had hoped. Adding to that, Aviators purchased a Wall Mounted Fuselage that compliments the desk and continues to define the room’s identity once in the main room. And for a subtle but tasteful design choice, they installed one of our Stratotanker Landing Door Sinks in the restroom. We always applaud when clients include the restroom in the overall theme – it’s an area that’s sometimes overlooked, but one that packs more punch then you might think. And by the way, we also really like the pulled chicken! Thank you Aviators Sports Bar!