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Control Tower
• Illuminate internally
• One panel hinged for storage
• Top removal can be replaced with Rail Road

Water Tower
• Cowling Workstations
• “No Step” Air Duct WorkStation

• Aircraft Fuselage Screen
• 747 Nose Radar Dome Screen
Perimeter colored landing lights


  1. Fabricated with 9' DC-9 rear stabilizers.
  2. Mounted vertically.
  3. Color coated surfaces with polished
  4. leading edges
  5. Key board shelves and monitor
  6. enclosures and lockable PC cabinets
  7. to be aluminum fabrication, powder
  8. coated one color.
  9. Monitors flush mounted on surface.
  10. Shelve and cabinet detachable for ease
  11. of shipping & handling.