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MotoArt takes old airplane parts and turns them into fashionable furniture.

747 Jet Liner Bed: The 747 jet liner bed is made from an authentic 747 engine nacelle cowling as the headboard and it features an 84" diameter round mattress.

Mile High Bed: This bed is designed and fabricated from two DC-9 stabilizers and a C-130 inner flap. It measures 11' long x 7'-6" wide x 4'-6" high and the surfaces are sanded and mirror polished.

C-119 Credenza: Created using a C-119 Aileron and a Boeing 707 Damper Valve, it has custom wood cabinetry, turned aluminum laminate, internal illumination, topped with 3/8" polished edge tempered glass.

747 Cowling Reception Desk: Created using parts of 747 Jumbo Jet, this circular desk is 105" in diameter and the interior workspace is fitted with a hardwood surface and a 3/8" black glass work surface.

DC-9 Airplane Desk: This DC-9 T Stabilizer Wing Desk is available in lengths of 8 feet up to 20 feet for conference rooms, reception areas, etc.

Fuselage Seating: These Fuselage Bench Seating is constructed from Boeing, Lockheed or Douglas aircraft fuselages; this stylish and elegant seating is cool to be showcased in any office or home.

737 Fuselage Casters: 'Roll a Boeing 737 Fuselage next to your desk for a little privacy. These 737 panels on casters are available in 5' sheets with low profile casters'

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