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Piston Desk Watch made from classical Jacobs radial engine piston
We have already seen some of the most amazing home as well as office furniture designs from the house of Motoart. Expanding its range from furniture to lighting and different other objects, Motoart has popped up a cool desk watch to attract buyers during the holiday season. Entitled the “Piston Desk Watch,” the new table clock is made from a classical Jacobs radial engine piston produced in 1940s, giving the clock an antique look. Machined at a 60-degree angle, the piston watch allows a comfortable viewing position while resting on a table. The limited edition (5,000 in number) Piston Desk Watch is available for $119. With holiday season in full swing, the antique watch could well be an interesting gift for the close ones.

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Fuselage Desk from MotoArt lets you escape your drab workweek in some style
The global aviation industry is going down the pooper fast and nothing can symbolize it better than the Fuselage Desk. Created by El Segundo, California-based design studio MotoArt which specializes in home and office furniture made from vintage plane parts, the Fuselage Desk sure beats the living daylight out of the crappy, drab looking plywood-and-veneer office cubicles. The elegant functional sculpture pays a great tribute to the meticulous and glorious history of aviation design and allows users to create an eclectic working/living environment with these statement pieces.

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MotoArt lands in your workplace with Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk
Earlier we covered the Mile High Beds by MotoArt that adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. The celebrated manufacturer moving from your home to office has yet again pooped up with supersonic furniture unit that seems to vitalize the interior of your workplace. Dubbed as Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk, the office furniture presenting an upward angle and dynamic style, together with engine inlets from a CFM56 engine, flaunts a sleek and refined design. Finished with maple ply, the stylish features a black, Plexiglass top for extra resilience, while the wire grommet details emphasize its industrial aesthetic. The Reception Desk is available in satin finish or painted leading edge as well. The MotoArt furniture not just gives a refreshing look to your living or work place, but it also lets you to be the part of the green drive going across the world.

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DC-9 Nacelle Coffee Table takes living room furniture to new heights
Taking your home decor to new heights, MotoArt has developed a new coffee table that features the cowling with a jet engine stator and polished nose spinner grounded to a defused 1/2” plexiglas bottom. Entitled the “DC-9 Nacelle Coffee Table,” the hand-polished coffee table comes with an optional internal illumination, infusing a new life to home furniture. Available in both the round and the oval glass tops, the Nacelle Table measures 52” x 49” in dimension.

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PW-747 Cowling Bar takes you on an oozing flight
No matter how cultured you wish to behave on a flight, the “PW-747 Cowling Bar” from Motoart is sure to take you on an oozing ride after a drink or two, or may be without it too. Touting the Pratt & Whitney jet engine from the Boeing 747, the Cowling Bar features a 1/2” tempered glass top, supported by mirror polished aluminum stand-offs, bringing the elegance and style of the aviation within your living space.

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KC-97 – Fuel Cradle Desk brings the B-29 Bomber to your workspace
Reliving the critical Cold War decade of the fifties, the Motoart has developed an L shaped desk using the KC-97 Stratotanker that literally brings the renowned B-29 Bomber to your workspace. Dubbed “KC-97 – Fuel Cradle Desk,” the heavy-duty table comes with 1/2″ tempered glass top, which is supported by 1″ square polished aluminum bar, giving it sleek, contemporary design.

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WACO Conference Table pays homage to the golden age of aviation industry
In its relentless pursuit to transform vintage aviation parts into stunning fixtures, MotoArt has yet again come up with another striking creation for the home and office. Paying homage to the golden age of the aviation industry, the firm has collaborated with Waco Aircraft Company to develop the “Wing Conference Table.”

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Steer past the ordinary with Motoart’s KC-97 Cowling Desk
Remember the 747 Cowling Desk made from vintage aviation parts? Here is yet another look-alike from the house of MotoArt dubbed KC-97 Cowling Desk. The KC-97 was first produced in 1950 as a transport version of the B-29 Bomber and was employed as a strategic tanker aircraft for the USAF. The firm has now modified the cowlings by utilizing two of the three sections of the full engine cowl, to fabricate a stylish custom desk.

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MotoArt Wing Sculpture gives wings to contemporary home decor
Taking the modern home decor to new heights, the Motorts has come up with an innovative sculpture made from original aircraft wings. Integrating a quadruple hardwood step platform to support the height and weight of each wing stabilizer, the Wing Sculpture can be customized to different heights or finishes to suite a variety of interiors.

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