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An Over-the-Top Conference Table Is the Perfect Use For Obsolete 747s
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and Airbus' A380 are both competing to replace an aging fleet of 747s that have served passengers for more than 40 years. But what's to be done with all those jumbo jets once they're been replaced? MotoArt has the answer—at least when it comes to the 747's gigantic engines: a stylish conference table that looks suitable for a meeting of the world's most evil super villains.

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Finally, I've Found the Bed Of My Dreams
If my girl can't appreciate sleeping in the hollowed out arc of a real Boeing 747 engine nacelle (fine Italian satin apparently included!), I don't want her in my life.

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Ejector Seat Bar Stools Are the Most Efficient Way To Get Rid Of Creeps
If you completely avoid the bar scene because you're tired of spending your nights dealing with creeps, you'll sincerely wish this bar stool—crafted from an F-4 Phantom ejector seat—were fully functional. Because instead of having to jot down a fake phone number to escape an awkward situation, you could simply send the jerk blasting through the ceiling.

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Furniture Made From Airplanes Lets Your Social Life Take Off
MotoArt is a company that builds custom furniture out of old airplane parts, turning a B-25 wing into a desk or a DC-3 propeller into a martini table. They're the perfect way to tell your guests that you have trouble enjoying things that aren't engine and motor related.

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Bed Made of DC-9 Fins Lets You Join Mile High Club at Sea Level
A chair made of torpedo-launcher parts just wouldn't say "come hither" to techy ladies in the same way as this bed from Motoart. Dubbed Mile High, you can tell it's aimed at the sexier end of the geek furniture market, partly as it's marketed with a "a wonderful playground for you and your co-pilot" slogan, and especially when you notice the line of glowing red LEDs that pimp the frame's lower edge.

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