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Motoart Retro Fighter-jet Desk Chair
As someone in the market for a new desk chair, I'm now hopelessly in love with these Motoart seats.  Reclaimed from authentic, Vietnam-era fighter jets and bombers, the ejector seats are freshly padded, newly upholstered and given aluminum bases with double-wheel casters.

The fighter jet seat, above, comes from an F-4, while there's also a B-52 model that, as you might guess, comes from the bomber.  Ergonomically they lack a few of the accepted niceties - such as usable arm-rests - but Motoart do also offer a C-130 Navigator's chair which is a whole lot more adjustable.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, prices for the chairs are by-application only, and given Motoart say they're all limited-edition you're probably looking at something in excess of a Herman-Miller Aeron.  The company also makes aeronautical desks and other furniture.

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